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Film "900 years facing avalanches"

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Film "900 years facing avalanches"
in Doucy

From 06/01 to 03/02/2021, every Wednesday at 6 pm.

From 10/03 to 07/04/2021, every Wednesday at 6 pm.

Pratical informations

Salle Evasion
73260 Doucy


Diffusion of the film "900 years facing avalanches"

"900 years facing avalanches" is the story of a small valley that opens the doors to the Lauzière massif in the French Alps. It is the story of a few hamlets, surrounded by avalanche corridors, which could have been deserted forever. The story of a forest rising from the ashes thanks to the will of a few tenacious foresters. Of a road, constantly cut, and today almost completely secure. It is ultimately the story of men and women who fight to bring this wild and unspoiled territory to life.


Free of charge.