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Spectacle enfant de Xavier Stubbe : on refait le monde !

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Spectacle enfant de Xavier Stubbe : on refait le monde !
in Valmorel

Thursday 28 July 2022 at 6 pm.

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Théâtre de Verdure

73260 Valmorel
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04 79 09 85 55


Through a mix of songs and humour, Xavier encourages his young audience to question some aspects of their everyday life that they take for granted.

The writer and composer uses his wit to create an image of the near future...2050....a world in which we will live in fully auomated smart house, complete with drones....
What do you imagine the future will be, given the amazing developments we have already seen : The Tower of Djeddah "which is 1000m high"; or the Tata 5G.."always connected"..
In a World where we are all different, Xavier stresses the importance of friendship, adventure and because he keeps in mind that children will one day grow big and serious, he asks them to question themselves: "where do the mosquitos in the winter", and other important issues...he makes them laugh and sing and whilst not really bilingual he does speak Google.
Xavier Stubbe has remained a child at heart, and when he replies, "I don't know", it is with the aim of encouraging young minds to give free range to their imagination.
This is a poetic and funny show, mixing traditional and new, in which the skins of the tam-tams sit side by side with the drum machine, the guitar strings rub along with the looper and the vibraphone hamonises with the sampler.


Free of charge.