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Classic and thermal Osteopaty DO - Juliette Vallier

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Classic and thermal Osteopaty DO - Juliette Vallier
in Valmorel

All year round between 8 am and 9 pm.

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73260 Valmorel
Vallier Juliette - Ostéopathe DO

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06 10 70 00 88
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1st French practice to offer Classical Osteopathy sessions as well as Thermal Water Osteopathy sessions.
Osteopathy is a gentle manual therapy that works to treat the cause of your physical and emotional pain.

In Valmorel or La Léchère-Les-Bains.

Classic Osteopathy (on table) in your office or at home:

Osteopathy is a manual therapy that works to treat the cause of physical blockages (conscious or not). These lead to an imbalance in the state of health that can lead to discomfort, pain or even illness. The interest of Osteopathy is then curative.
The osteopathic cause is unique to each of my patients and my goal is to treat it with soft techniques. My patients therefore receive a unique osteopathic protocol.
The human body constitutes a functional unit where all the systems of the human body are in anatomical and / or physiological interaction (gynecological, cranial, digestive, urinary ...).
Pain does not occur when our body is able to adapt and compensate for trauma / blockages. However, their number and seniority affect our ability to adapt and promote the onset of disorders.
By treating the cause, I act upstream of the deterioration of the state of health.
The interest of preventive osteopathy is known in pediatrics, where parents entrust me with their baby. Athletes come to see me for the preparation of competitions and pregnant women to prepare for the delivery. In winter chronic ENT disorders (sinusitis, otitis, rhinitis, ...) are common. Again, this recurrence can be avoided.
However, I remain cautious in pointing out that Osteopathy does not pretend to treat all pathologies. It is a complementary therapy that can not be a substitute for medical care. But in any case, it would help improve the balance of our body.

Thermal Aquatic Osteopathy (At the Spa o des Lauzes at Léchère-les-Bains) :

The principles of thermal aquatic osteopathy are the same as those of classical osteopathy (table top). Thanks to the ergonomic floats on the neck and ankles, the patient is weightless in thermal water calibrated at around 35 degrees. I create a maternal and safe aquatic universe that allows patients to relax and let go. My work in 3 dimensions produces a deep tissue relaxation; the results are increased tenfold and the optimal therapeutic well being!

A session of thermal aquatic osteopathy is always preceded by a session in classic osteopathy on table. The sessions are individual in the privatized basin of the thermal spa o lauzes.
The osteopathic techniques practiced are soft and adapted to the pathology of each one. It's a real moment for you!