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Eglise Saint Eusèbe

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Eglise Saint Eusèbe
in La Léchère

All year round, daily.

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73260 La Léchère
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Dedicated to Saint Eusebius, it dates from the 17th Century. Originally, there was only one nave. In 1645 and in 1653, two laterel chapels were built.

The front facade features a stoup from 1725, which is undoubtedly one of its reconstruction, or at least the end of it. Indeed, it seems like this was not its first location and that it was moved to be beyond the reach of frequent flooding of the Isère. The old church stood in the Granges neighbourhood. It remains on the rear facade of the building a former beam that may come from it. Perpendicularly oriented with the Isère, the church has a Baroque altarpiece from 1698, with remarkable carved and polychrome twisted columns.
The square bell tower stands outside the North-work. It was demolished in 1793, partly during the revolutionary period and was raised from 4 meters in 1838. At the dawn of the 20th Century, in 1898, nine stained glass windows adorn the monument.