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Trail in Valmorel

Home > Summer activities > Hiking, Trail > Trail in Valmorel

Trail in Valmorel

Home > Summer activities > Hiking, Trail > Trail in Valmorel

Trail territory

The valleys of Nâves, Morel, Eau Rousse and Isère offer an exceptional playground for trail enthusiasts!

With a mixture of authenticity, diversity and generosity, these four valleys, and those who work here, welcome you into sumptuous, characteristic and unique landscapes.

The range of circuits on offer is in the image of the territory, diverse and adapted to all levels and all aspirations. Each valley offers you the best of itself.

The time of a trail in Valmorel with impressive tracks, from the balconies of Lauzière to the mythical Cheval Noir, to the peaks of Crève-Tête. Trail races in a grandiose setting off to conquer the Savoyard giants !

There are 10 numbered and coloured circuits * with 4 levels of difficulty spread over all 4 valleys and divided into 7 sectors

  • A territory over an area of 183.8 km²
  • 4 Valleys : Morel Valley, Eau Rousse Valley, Nâves Valley, Isère Valley
  • 1 vertical kilometre
  • Highest point at 2829 m
  • Lowest point at 394 m

These  10 numbered and marked trail circuits are divided into 7 sectors which combine the passion of trailing with the discovery of a territory rich in its unique diversity.

* 20 circuits will be signposted by the end of 2020!

Trail à Valmorel Savoie

The difficulty of the circuits  are colour coded as for ski  pistes or MTB tracks.

  • Green = Discovery level / Very easy
  • Blue = Occasional trailer / Easy
  • Red = Experienced trailer / Difficult
  • Black = Expert trailer / Very difficult

Please note, the level equivalences are detailed in relation to average standards. It is essential, when you embark on a circuit, to realise whether its difficulty is suitable to your training and your physical capacities.

The Aigueblanche valleys are divided between 4 valleys which are themselves separated into 7 sectors which generally indicate the starting point of the circuits:

  • Haute vallée de Nâves (6 circuits)
  • Valmorel resort (5 circuits)
  • Doucy resort(3 circuits)
  • Le Massif de La Lauzière / Bonneval (3 circuits)
  • Le Massif de la Lauzière / Celliers (1 circuit)
  • Vallée de l’Isère/ Grand-Aigueblanche (1 circuit)
  • Vallée de l’Isère / Feissons Sur Isère (1 circuit)

Understanding the levels of the trail circuits in Valmorel