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Discover the diversity of the landscapes of the Aigueblanche Valleys

Explore more than 300 km of walking trails in the Aigueblanche Valleys. The diversity of the walks in terms of environment, altitude, level of difficulty, elevation or duration gives everyone the possibility to appreciate the area, whether as a family, a beginner or an experienced hiker.

The Aigueblanche Valleys consist of 27 signposted and secure circuits in 4 geographic sectors: the Isère Valley, the Morel Valley, the Nâves Valleys and the Eau Rousse Valley / La Lauzière mountain range:


  • A territory over an area of ​​8 km²
  • An altitude for the circuits which varies from 430 m to 2,455 m
  • Distances that vary from 2.5 to 16 km
  • Streams, waterfalls, mountain lakes, mountain pastures, rocky peaks
  • Marmots, chamois, black grouse, raptors
Itinéraires de randonnées à Valmorel
Cascades du morel

Take a stroll along the water in the Isère Valley

Between waterfalls, rivers, streams and much more, discover this living valley with its green slopes and landscapes characteristic of a large alpine valley.

Travel along the banks of the Isère River to take advantage of its fresh breeze, or follow the banks of the Morel and retrace the history of the protective developments dating from the start of the 20th Century.

Contemplate the Moorish architecture of the La Léchère-les-Bains spa, discover its hotel which will take you back to the Belle Epoque, stroll through its flowery thermal park, and, for the more athletic, set off on the Bois Chaniet connected ForetSPORT® sport-health circuit.

Tire yourself out by wandering between alpine meadows and pastures of the Morel Valley

The peaks that you will cross offer unobstructed views of the Aigueblanche Valleys and much more … Mont Blanc points its nose as soon as the path rises. The ski lifts allow you to plan your itinerary as you wish, from family walks through the many villages of the valley to more sporting excursions on the surrounding ridges and passes. Escape to the open slopes of the upper Morel valley while admiring the traditional grazing activities, and, on reaching the highest peaks, enjoy the grandiose panoramas.

Panorama sommet Crève-Tête

Discover the wide open spaces and peaceful hamlets of the Nâves valleys

Let yourself be transported into this authentic and sincere world where rock formations and ancient pine trees will enchant you in different ways depending on the weather and the light.

Mix nature and culture in the hamlets. The ancient heritage can be found on every street corner: small chapels, old bread ovens or mills, castles… and much more to explore.

Your senses won’t be disappointed by this winter haven of peace for Nordic activities with its multitude of restful landscapes, wide open spaces and traditional architecture.

Nâves randonnée
Massif de la Lauzière

Marvel in the heart of the Lauzière mountain range and the Eau Rousse valley

Few people still live permanently in the hilltop villages of the Lauzière mountain range, but those who do are the image of these mountains, with their incredible strength, wealth and generosity. This alpine mountain range is surely no more beautiful than any other, but it is terribly iconic, true and pure. This Natura 2000 territory, a label of recognition for its unspoiled wealth and authenticity, is a remarkable natural habitat where animal and plant species must be protected.

The Col de la Madeleine (2000m), located at the top of the Eau Rousse valley, is the emblematic gateway to this mountain range which  allows you to explore this unique territory.

Discover the marked hiking itineraries

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