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Discover the different disciplines and find the one that suits you!

VTT valmorel
Pumptrack de Bellecombe Valmorel
Vélo à Valmorel
Vélo de route Valmorel

Downhill MTB (DH)

Downhill MTB or downhill cycling is a sporting discipline that consists of descending, on a MTB, specially designed mountain tracks with exclusively downhill profiles.

The tracks, more or less sinuous, more or less aerial, follow one another other, and their levels of difficulty are colour-coded as in alpine skiing: green, blue, red or black. To add a little spice,   some tracks have obstacles on the course, such as wooden walkways, jumps, etc.

On the Valmorel Bike Park:
6 DH runs: 2 red, 2 blue and 2 green

Downhill MTB tracks are marked with the signs below:

Logo bikepark valmorel gris
Balisage VTT de descente

Cross-country (XC)

From a simple bike ride to a competition, XC is mountain biking on more or less technical paths with little vertical height difference depending on the rider’s level. Depending on the type of circuit and the speed, cross-country mountain biking can be a recreational or competitive sport usually done off- road. X-country can be enjoyed all year round in any weather.

On the domain of Valmorel and the Aigueblanche Valleys:
18 XC routes: 3 green, 7 blue, 5 red, 3 black

Cross-Country circuits are marked with yellow signs.

Balisage cross-country


The tracks generally have descending profiles, usually single-track paths with a natural profile, rarely with added or artificially manufactured elements, as is often the case for DH tracks.   Enduro is a discipline that requires excellent technique to go fast downhill, but also good physical condition for relaunches and uphill sections. It’s a mix between XC and downhill. Enduro is done on very uneven ground.

On the domain of Valmorel and the Aigueblanche Valleys:
9 enduro tracks : 2 green, 2 blue, 5 red

The Enduro courses are marked with the signs below:

Balisage enduro

Electrically assisted mountain bikes (E-MTB)

Electrically assisted mountain bikes (E-MTB) are an excellent way to discover the mountains in a different way, while saving your energy!

Equipped with a discreet, efficient electric motor, the highest peaks become accessible to everyone. There are different levels of assistance adapting the electrical power to the needs of the cyclist, or to the profile of the circuit. But be careful not to overestimate your riding skills, especially for the downhill and technical parts.

The resort’s shops and schools offer bike rental and guided outings!

Here is the signposting used for the 6 discovery circuits in the area, accessible by E-MTB:



The pumptrack is defined as a closed off-road circuit, characterized by bumps and turns more often than not on soil but sometimes on concrete, wood or tarmac.

It is used for mountain biking (downhill or cross-country) but also for BMX. The hard pumptracks can also be used by skateboards, rollerblades or scooters.

This discipline, due to the land lay, does not require pedalling but instead flexing your arms and legs on bumps and bends to gain speed.

The Morel pumptrack has 3 tracks of different levels (green, blue and red). It is located in Bellecombe, next to the swimming pool.

Access is open and free of charge, however wearing a helmet is compulsory.

Pumptrack de Bellecombe Valmorel
Vélo de route Valmorel


A popular sport, avidly followed on the roadsides in the summer or on TV, road cycling is one of the oldest sports in the world.  Alone or in a group, to discover new landscapes or in search of a sporty performance, a road bike will give you a feeling of freedom and surpassing yourself!

The ascension of the Col de la Madeleine is certainly the most legendary in the area!

A link between the Tarentaise and Maurienne valleys, it is a real place of pilgrimage for cycling fans from all over the world and it has been completely redeveloped to accommodate cars, cyclists and pedestrians simultaneously.

The Col de la Madeleine has been climbed no less than 26 times in the history of the Tour de France. Its accession is often decisive for the future winner…