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Ski touring

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Ski touring

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Discover ski touring

Ski touring is a winter sport that allows you to discover the mountains in their most pristine state.

A minimum of on-piste skiing technique is essential for ski touring, having done a little off-piste can help for the descents but to start, a class 2 “ski school” level is enough.

The Valmorel Sports Club has created a circuit to help you learn.

Ski touring circuit – The toboggan

The “Le toboggan” is an easy circuit, ideal for familiarising yourself with and discovering ski touring.

The start is in front of the Chalet du Mottet (1346m) going towards the stream. You will then pass through the forests, onto a hill with a breathtaking view of Mont Blanc and the Lauzière mountain range, to arrive at the top of the Altispace chairlift (1920m).

Ski down on the blue piste.

The route is marked with yellow signs. The majority of the circuit is off-piste, therefore under your own responsibility.

Ou retrouvez le parcours sur votre mobile ! 

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